Doce Fire evacuees thankful for Red Cross shelter

PRESCOTT, AZ - Some 400 homes remain evacuated because of the Doce Fire. Red Cross shelter workers are surprised fewer than expected have shown up to spend the night.

Workers say the shelter can hold up to 110 people a night. On Wednesday night, shelter volunteers held a concert to keep hopes high.

Volunteers say a lot of people are out and about trying to get details about their families, their friends, and their homes.

Frances Arenz was just one of seven people who anxiously slept on cots at Yavapai College Tuesday night waiting for an update on the life they left behind.

"It was a very nice experience because everyone was so kind to us," she said.

"These folks who spent the night last night truly had no where else to go. They were frightened of the fire," said Michele Maki from Chandler.

Michelle said all the evacuees are handed comfort kits when they check in. In the kit are necessities like a shaving gel and a razor

And you'd be surprised how something so small, so ordinary instantly becomes extraordinary.

"This one lady said this was all I have, I said your house may still be there, but in her mind this is all she feels she had. It means a lot to these folks," said Michelle.

As far as animals go, smaller pets are being taken to a Red Cross facility. Larger animals like horses and goats are being looked after at the Prescott rodeo grounds.


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