Congressman Jeff Flake addresses robocall controversy

PRESCOTT, AZ - Congressman Jeff Flake addressed the recent robocall controversy at a campaign stop in Prescott Monday night.

Some Valley residents may have received phone calls over the weekend that contained the incorrect information about polling places for Election Day.

He stood with his family on the steps of the Yavapai County Courthouse to a crowd of several hundred and asked for their vote. He also got help from Arizona's senior Senator John McCain.

After the quick speech, he answered questions about several robocalls that were meant to remind voters where to vote, but instead told a handful the wrong place to go. 

"It sometimes happens in a big campaign that we get a few address wrong," Congressman Flake said about the 10 to 15 calls that were incorrect. 

"But we have been able to reconcile the ones we identified, and to suggest that it was voter suppression is absurd."

Senator McCain echoed that statement saying the Flake campaign would never knowingly mislead voters.

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