Arizona woman accused of stealing $100,000 in gold coins from ex-boyfriend

PRESCOTT, AZ - A 59-year-old Arizona woman is accused of stealing gold coins worth over $100,000 from her former boyfriend.

Cheryl Clement faces charges of burglary, theft and five counts of trafficking in stolen property.

According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, the 84-year-old victim told deputies he discovered 88 gold coins were missing from the safe in his Dewey home.

He said the theft occurred sometime between October of last year and this January.

The victim said he believed Clement, his ex-girlfriend, might have secretly obtained the combination to his safe and taken the coins.

The victim said Clement had moved out of his home in August 2013 and by then knew his daily routine and when he would be out of town.

Authorities say the victim was contacted by a relative of Clement who suspected she had the gold coins.

When the victim checked his safe, he discovered the coins were missing. He told deputies he never gave Clement access to the safe or coins.

During the investigation detectives learned that Clement had bought several vehicles from a local car salesman she was dating and used gold coins for some of those purchases.

Detectives tracked down a 5th wheel trailer purchased by Clement, as well as several of Clement's friends who received gold coins from her which they cashed out to buy various items.

Authorities say some of the coins were traced to some gold and coin shops in the Prescott area. They say only three coins have been recovered so far.

On Tuesday, detectives learned that Clement was already in custody after being arrested by Prescott police on an unrelated case.

Clement is being held on a $150,000 bond and has denied the theft.

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