Brent Ten Pas and Steve Armstrong arrested after trying to reclaim foreclosed home near Prescott

PRESCOTT, AZ - Two men were in custody Monday for investigation of trying to reclaim a foreclosed home outside Prescott and removing all of the legal owner's property, authorities said.

Brent Ten Pas, 57, and Steve Armstrong, 60, were being held on suspicion of theft, burglary and criminal damage, according to Yavapai County sheriff's officials.

The men are accused of posting signs reading "Private Property/No Trespassing" around the home in Groom Creek.

The homeowner purchased the home from a bank in August 2012, furnished it and was using it as a secondary residence.

Ten Pas and Armstrong allegedly boarded up the house, installed a security camera, changed the locks and placed the homeowner's belongings in a Prescott Valley storage unit.

The homeowner, whose name wasn't released, didn't see any of the signage when he checked the property in January, but it was there on Feb. 15, sheriff's officials said.

A note on the front door directed the homeowner to vacate the property immediately and warned that any remaining furniture would be placed in storage and further access would be considered trespassing. The note was signed with the names of Ten Pas and Armstrong, authorities said.

They had been ordered to leave the home in February 2012 after it was foreclosed. Deputies obtained warrants for the men on Feb. 28, leading to their arrests.

Sheriff's officials didn't immediately know Monday if either suspect had an attorney.

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