Payson residents not surprised FBI's most wanted may be hiding in their area

PAYSON, AZ - People in a northern Arizona community are keeping their eyes peeled for one of the FBI's most wanted. 

Although there have been no official sightings, the FBI says Robert Fisher could still be in Arizona , especially in the Payson area.

He's accused of killing his wife and two children in their Scottsdale home in 2001. 

Investigators believe he blew up the home to hide the evidence. 

His wife's car and the family dog were found in Payson 10 days later.

Now, more than a decade later, FBI agents think Fisher could still be in the area.

"It's been 10 years, I'm surprised he stayed in Arizona," said Suzanne Stevens, a Payson resident.

While some are surprised, most say the Blue Ridge Mountains in the high country are an ideal place to hide for someone on the run.

"There's a lot of woods, a lot of hiding places. If you can live off the land, what better place to hide than the high country," said Bob Lessard, of Payson.

Residents say Fisher's face isn't hard to forget and they're on the hunt, hoping to help find one of America's most wanted.

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