Wrestlers screened for skin infections before Arizona comptetion

PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ - Division three and four wrestling state championships are taking place in Prescott Valley this weekend as the sport grapples with the aftermath of a skin infection outbreak that sidelined more than fifteen players in the past few weeks.

The Arizona Interscholastic Association isn’t taking any chances when it comes to the possibility of the skin infection spreading.

All 800 wrestlers were screened for infections Friday morning, with some of them not making the cut.

The association hopes to pin down the latest skin infection outbreak for good.

AIA Executive Director Harold Slemmer says they plan on cleaning the wrestling mats at least four times each day of the tournament.

Doctors are also looking closely for any type of skin issues on wrestlers during weigh-ins.

“The doctor today made the decision with a few kids that they weren’t eligible to wrestle because of some skin lesions and things he was concerned about,” Slemmer said.

Prescott Conway was one of three wrestlers disqualified due to skin issues. He had received treatment for ringworm, but had a spot on his neck that apparently never fully healed.

"They like examined you very close,” Conway said. “Any little red mark, they made sure it was noticed. If you had just a little tiny red mark, they would send you over to the doctor. There were a ton of kids at the doctor today."

Conway is a senior Williams Field High School in Gilbert and was number one in the state in his weight class.

Due to Friday morning’s examination he’s forced to give up his bid to win state.

"I could've been the person who won state. I could've done so many things an now I lost that goal," he said.

Players who advance to Saturday’s competition will have to go through the same skin check process.

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