Residents anxious as fire destroys Nutrioso home

NUTRIOSO, AZ - The Wallow Fire has destroyed another structure in northeast Arizona, this time in the community of Nutrioso.

Fire officials made the announcement during a public meeting in Eagar Sunday night.

"I'm hoping it wasn't us," said Nutrioso resident Leighayn Green. "We're thinking positive it's not ours."

Firefighters spotted the structure being destroyed by fire but because of the intense flames couldn't get to it to identify who owns the structure.

"Whatever is going to be is going to be," said Nutrioso resident Wayne Whitby. "We hope for the best."

Fire crews evacuated Nutrioso on Thursday in advance of the Wallow fire.

Residents of Nutrioso now have to wait for word from fire crews whether the structure destroyed Sunday belongs to them.

"We're there to help whoever did lose his or her home," said Green.

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