Puppy thrown from car in northern Arizona

CORNVILLE, AZ - When MaryAnn Canning saw someone in a car throw something out the window and onto the road in Cornville, Arizona, she thought it was a stuffed toy but she quickly learned it was an animal. 

Canning was on her way home on Tuesday when she noticed a white Chevy sedan that had three men in the car, according to the Verde IndependentOne of the men, who had a shaved head, threw a puppy out of the vehicle.  

"I saw it cartwheel end over end, possible as many as three times, until it came to a rest on the shoulder of the road," she told Verde Independent. 

She said the car didn't stop to look back at the animal. 

Canning stopped her car and found the puppy who was "bleeding, pooping and unconscious" until she touched the dog. "Then we both started crying," she said. 

Canning took the dog with her and found a family who contacted a veterinarian for an emergency visit. 

Dr. Lana Holcomb of Montezuma Veterinary Services in Camp Verde tended to the small dog that was able to survive the night. She said the dog has some neurological and blindness issues. 

"I've decided to name her Hope, and bring her home soon for a full recovery," Dr. Holcomb told Verde Independent.

Anyone with information on the animal cruelty case are asked to contact the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office at 928-771-3260.

Cornville, Arizona is about 100 miles north of Phoenix

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