Prescott Valley motorcyclist killed after collision with tire debris on Seligman roadway

SELIGMAN, AZ - A group of motorcyclists was injured in a collision Saturday morning, leaving one woman from Prescott Valley dead.

Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies say they responded to the report around 9:30 a.m..

Two motorcycles were involved in the collision while traveling west on Crookton Road east of Seligman, Ariz. near milepost 147.5.

The leading motorcyclist lost control after hitting a tire on the road that was tossed into the lane by an SUV pulling a trailer.

The passengers in the SUV were unharmed, but stopped to help the motorcyclists who encountered the tire debris.

Three people were injured and after treating their injuries, medical personnel pronounced 60-year-old Cathy Pizzullo dead.

Pizzullo was a passenger on the leading motorcycle that her husband was driving.

Her husband was treated for injuries to his head and chest.

The second motorcycle hit the lead motorcycle during the collision, causing the driver to suffer back and torso injuries, though the passenger was unharmed.

Two other motorcycles with the group were able to avoid the collision.

An investigation is being conducted to determine how fast the motorcycles were going at the time of the incident but all riders were wearing helmets, officials say.





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