N. Arizona Hells Angels work past 2010 shootout with charity boxing match

CHINO VALLEY, AZ - Three years after a Chino Valley shootout between two rival biker gangs, the Hells Angels are commemorating it with a different kind of "shootout."

And police are really ramping up their presence for it.

The Hells Angels Yavapai County chapter is holding a "shootout boxing event" this weekend.

Police from across the state are in Chino Valley to make sure everyone stays safe. But the motorcycle club says it's just a big celebration.

In August of 2010, gunfire erupted in a Chino Valley neighborhood.

Police say at least 50 rounds were fired during the shootout between the Hells Angels and Vagos motorcycle clubs.

But last year, all charges were dropped against the seven men charged in connection with the shooting.

So the Hells Angels threw a boxing match to celebrate, and they're doing it again this year.

"I think the hope is, for one, take something that seemed like a bad thing, and turn it into something positive. Because we have support from the local community here," said Mike Koepke, vice president of Hells Angels Yavapai County chapter.

We caught up with the Hells Angels on Saturday as they set up for the event at their club house.

"We've got some boxers from down in the Valley from different boxing clubs coming together. They're all matched pretty well to their experience and their age," Koepke said.

But police and armed Arizona Rangers won't be far away, keeping a watchful eye out. They're expecting hundreds of people to show up.

Police say they're focusing on enforcing traffic laws and they have zero tolerance for any criminal activity.

Last year, Chino Valley Police say they only had some minor traffic issues.

"There are other groups out there that obviously don't get along with them, which is evident from events in the past. So we need the staff in case someone that doesn't want them to have the event shows up to prevent that," said Lt. Vincent Schaan.

Koepke says they won't be causing much trouble -- and the event is raising money for a new youth boxing gym in town.

"Basically to build support from the community and show the community that we support them too," he said.

The boxing event is open to the public, and continues into Sunday with Motocross dirt biking. It's being held at Doreen's Bar and Grill in Chino Valley.

It's free, but donations are encouraged.

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