Mohave County deputies arrest Timothy Cohoon after alleged bar assault

MOHAVE COUNTY, AZ - Mohave County Sheriff's deputies arrested Timothy Cohoon Sunday evening after he allegedly assaulted a woman at a bar.

According to authorities, Cohoon, 30, of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was at a local bar near Beaver Dam when a female employee asked Cohoon to leave. Police said he hit the woman in the chest, prompting her to contact authorities.

Officials said that deputies found Cohoon sitting outside his trailer behind the bar, but he took off on foot.

Deputies found him inside another nearby trailer lying on the floor behind debris. When Cohoon ignored deputies' orders to stand up, they used a taser to get him to comply and took him into custody, officials said.

Authorities later found that Cohoon had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for allegedly eluding a police officer back in his hometown, Sioux Falls.

Cohoon was booked into the Mesquite Jail on a felony warrant for eluding a police officer along with assault and resisting arrest misdemeanors.

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