Winslow boy dies after rare injury sustained during little league game

WINSLOW, AZ - Hundreds of Winslow residents are grieving after a 13-year-old died while playing a baseball game.

Hayden Walton was a member of the Winslow Little League.

As he went to lay down a bunt Tuesday night, he was struck in the chest by a pitch, little league officials said.

"He dropped the bat and headed off to first base. Probably took two steps and he fell," remembered Jamey Jones, who works for the Winslow Little League.

Paramedics said Walton died in the freak accident from commotio cordis. After getting hit by the baseball, his heart gave out as league officials said the ball hit Walton at the right speed and angle.

"Just a good kid, a good kid all around," Jones said of Walton.

A memorial of candles and flowers has been placed at the field by grieving members of the community.

Walton's picture and the memorial will stay at the field as a tribute.

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