Kingman women Linda Ruby Pinto, Linda Reann Pinto arrested after exposing kids to dirty conditions

KINGMAN, AZ - A grandmother and granddaughter in Kingman were arrested Friday afternoon after officers performed a welfare check at a residence where they found four children living in a motor home among mold and feces.

Police were notified by a caller concerned about the children living at the residence, also noting that the motor home may not have working utilities.

According to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office, responding officers found coolers outside the motor home that were filled with dirty dishes in stagnant water with swarming flies.

A broken piece of metal siding that was placed on a concrete slab near the motor home appeared to have been used as an outdoor shower.

Feces were found on the ground around the shower and near the front door of the motor home.

Police also observed spoiled food and mattresses with mold inside the home.

Police contacted two females, 58-year-old Linda Ruby Pinto and her 19-year-old granddaughter Linda Reann Pinto.

Two female children, ages 12 and 9, and two male children, ages 11 and 2, were also at the home.

According to police, Linda Ruby Pinto was living in the motor home with her four grandchildren and Linda Reann Pinto's 2-year-old son.

Child Protective Services took custody of the four children and arrested both adult women for child abuse.

In addition, Planning and Zoning reportedly advised that the motor home violated ordinances.

Planning and Zoning and Environment Health will be contacting the property owner in regards to the violations.

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