Government shutdown update: Aerial tours see spike in sales while Grand Canyon closed

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, AZ - It's been nine days since the federal government shutdown.

National parks across the country have locked the gates turning tourists away.

In the town of Tusayan, the Grand Canyon closure is hurting business. Some hotels are down to 25 percent occupancy as tourists cancel their trips to the park.

The federal government rejected the town's efforts to donate $400,000 dollars to the park to open its doors. While business is bad for a majority of Tusayan, aerial tours are seeing a spike in customers.

Officials with Grand Canyon Airlines say they average about 500 customers a day during their peak season. Since the shutdown, they've seen about 100 more customers a day.

""We did get folks coming in who said 'we want to see the Canyon and if this is the only way then we are going to do it,'" said Charlie Bassett with Grand Canyon Airlines.

And while the numbers look good in the first week and a half of the shutdown, Basset doesn't think it will hold because he believes those who haven't left on their trip will cancel.

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