Dramatic home video of a flash flood in Havasupai Falls

HAVASUPAI FALLS, AZ - A group of hikers escaped a sudden flash flood Saturday near Havasupai Falls.

The hikers had time to grab their cameras and get shots of a dry wash turning into a raging river in a matter of minutes.

The eight hikers were on a four-hour trek when they heard something that didn't sound right. "It sounded like a freight train," said Mike Gunter who lives in Utah.

Gunter grabbed his camera and captured water coming around the bend and in minutes turning into a flash flood. 

The hikers knew about rains in the area and were on alert to get to higher ground. They said they were stuck there for about four hours until the water slowed.

"We were afraid for our safety, but we knew we were on higher ground and that we would probably be all right," said Gunter. 

Even after the dangerous episode Gunter, a self proclaimed dare devil, said he can't wait to go back to the area again.

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