Crown King struggles after flooding washes away roads

CROWN KING, AZ - Residents and visitors of a small town north of the Valley were stranded when mud and boulders blocked the main road from Interstate 17.

Air 15 was overhead Sunday afternoon as crews worked to reopen a portion of roadway washed away in yesterday's storms near Crown King.

The road is one of the only ways into the town hit hard by this summer's Gladiator Fire.

It was re-opened Sunday night for local residents only, but will be closed again around 7 a.m. Monday for continued work, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.

It's yet another blow to this already struggling community.

Saturday's rain not only washed an SUV off the road, it washed away portions of the road itself, forcing crews to close the road leading to Crown King just outside the small town of Cleator

The Gladiator Fire destroyed this area's ability to absorb all the rainfall.

As a result, the water created mudslides that blocked the road and essentially left people in Crown King stranded

For Taryn Denyce, who owns a bed and breakfast, and for the rest of Crown King, the double whammy of fire then flooding just doesn't seem fair.

Crown King is struggling," Denyce told ABC15. "I have no reservations, I have some who were stranded, the other lodging in town is struggling."

And with ominous clouds in the distance, there's a big concern that more rain could lead to even bigger problems for Crown King.

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