Body of Salt Lake City man Pejman Pourhassan pulled from Lake Powell

PAGE, AZ - Officials at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area say they've recovered the body of a Salt Lake City man from the lake along the Utah-Arizona border.

National Park Service spokeswoman Denise Shultz says a remote underwater unit equipped with sonar and video located the body of 40-year-old Pejman Pourhassan in 100-feet of water Wednesday.

A device on the submersible was able to connect to the body and bring it close to the surface so divers could recover it.

Pourhassan was reported missing Sept. 21 after going for a swim in the lake.

He had jumped off a wake board boat and was swimming to a houseboat when he began calling for help.

Shultz says he slipped under the water before his friends were able to get to him.

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