Arizona couple finds bear in their backyard

FOREST LAKES, AZ - Sue and Buster Bradley got quite a surprise Friday morning when they looked out their back window and saw a bear hanging out on their porch.

The couple told ABC15 they were at their cabin in Forest Lakes when they saw the "cinnamon-colored" bear from their kitchen window.

Sue and Buster have lived in the area for more than ten years. "I have not seen this many (bears) since the summer before the Rodeo-Chediski Fire," said Sue.

Buster took pictures of the bear to show to wildlife officials.

Arizona Game and Fish said there have been several bear sightings recently. They told the Bradleys the forests are very dry with little food and water, so animals are coming closer to populated areas.

"This bear appeared larger than my daughter's dog who weighs 100 pounds," said Sue. "My husband estimated it to be around 250 pounds and three to four years old with a large head."

In the end, the Bradleys wish only the best for their furry friend. "We are located close to the forest, hopefully the bear was on his way away from people," they said.

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