911 tapes released in northern Arizona Uzi shooting

Warning: The 911 tapes may be graphic to some listeners and include offensive language.

The 911 calls that were made after an instructor was accidentally shot at a northern Arizona shooting range was shot have been released by police.

Several frantic calls were made to authorities asking for help after Charles Vacca had been shot in the head by a young girl learning to operate an Uzi.

The girl was at the Last Stop gun range on Monday, Aug. 25 with her family when she lost control of the gun.

The Associated Press reported Tuesday that the girl's family didn't realize what happened at first because they thought she had been injured by the recoil.

When she fired the gun on her own after getting help the first times, its recoil pushed the Uzi upward and shot Vacca in to the head, Associated Press said.

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Below are transcriptions from a few of the released 911 tapes:

Caller: We need an ambulance to the Last Stop immediately. We got somebody who got shot.

Dispatcher: Somebody got shot at the Last Stop?

Caller: Yes- Please send an ambulance ASAP.

Dispatcher: How did that person get shot?

Caller: On a gun range. This is a gun range, we need an ambulance. Immediately.

Dispatcher: Yeah, we're getting medical out there...He got shot in the head?

Caller talking to someone at the scene: Where is he shot?  *Right in the head, dude.*

Caller: He's shot in the head. He's breathing.

*People at the scene directing help for Vacca*

Caller: Do you have service on the way?

Dispatcher: Yeah, we've got officers and we have medical on the way. Can you tell me if he's still breathing?

Caller: ...He's shot in the head- in the side of the head.


Caller: Hello ma’am. He needs a medic- a helicopter now.

Dispatcher: They’re on their way, sir.

Caller: OK

Dispatcher: Is he still breathing?

Caller: Yes he is.

Dispatcher: Are you applying pressure to the wound?

Caller: Yes I am. He’s convulsing, and he’s choking on his own spit.

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