Man jailed in Kingman arrested for biting detention officer

KINGMAN, AZ - A man jailed in Kingman has been arrested for aggravated assault after he allegedly bit a detention officer on the arm.

Patricia Carter with the Mohave County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to the jail around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday after a sprinkler head was broken off in a cell that 50-year-old Michael Edwin Dobson Jr. was housed in alone.

Detention officers reported that Dobson was removed from the cell while the sprinkler was being repaired and when the suspect was being escorted back to the cell he became combative.

That's when he allegedly bit a detention officer on the forearm.

Deputies checked the injury to the detention officer and Dobson reportedly refused to speak to them about the incident.

Dobson was then arrested on the additional charges.

There was no word on what Dobson had been jailed for in the first place.

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