When does Snowbowl open? Flagstaff resort aiming to open in mid-December

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Ready to strap on your skis and head north?

If the resort workers at Arizona Snowbowl have their way, skiers and snowboarders will be able to hit the slopes by mid-December -- as long as the weather permits.

Arizona has been dealing with even warmer weather than usual for this time of year, a problematic situation for our state's ski resorts.

Director of Sales and Marketing Dave Smith said they aim to open Snowbowl every year by mid-December, and they hope this year will be no different.

While Smith admits they would love to see some snow on the ground, this is not unheard of in year's past. Smith told us conditions have often been similar to what we're seeing this year, but a December storm will hit, helping to blanket the resort in time for visitors.

Whether it's with the help of snowfall, or their own snow-making, Snowbowl representatives say they plan to be open in time for the holidays.

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