Flagstaff police pursuit caught on tape

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - A driver was so drunk he slammed into two marked police cruisers, Flagstaff police said.

Leland Begay, 50, of Tonalea, was arrested by officers on Jan. 14. The video of the chase was just released to ABC15.

The videos come from a Coconino County Sheriff's deputy and a Flagstaff police officer's dash-cameras.

The suspect's car is seen driving the wrong way when the deputy initially tries to pull him over.

After several minutes, the driver continues to act as if the deputy's cruiser is not behind him, even though the deputy has his lights and sirens on.

Eventually, the driver speeds up though downtown.

At that point, the deputy stops the pursuit until it is deemed safe.

Several other police vehicles start following the suspect and even block his path, but the driver jumps a curb and bypasses the blockade.

"He just rear-ended me," said one officer who can be heard in the video.

Begay was charged with aggravated DUI, endangerment, aggravated assault and a number of other charges stemming from this incident, police said in a news release.

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