Storm dumps plenty of snow in Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Flagstaff officials keeping a close eye on the storm said it started snowing sometime after 2 a.m. Saturday.

The snowfall took a break Sunday morning, but returned shortly after and continued throughout the day at times with very windy conditions.

Will Baker was one of several plow truck operators who worked continuously throughout the day to clear the roads of snow.

"We're just trying to get this one. See how they got the middle out here, out of the way so these people can keep it flat," he said pointing at the road in front of him, as the plow and de-icer on his truck pushed snow aside.

For the city street workers, getting snow off the main streets was a priority.

Baker is part of the group hired by the city on a temporary basis in order to keep up with the falling snow.

"There we go. Now we're getting somewhere," he said as he drove through yet another street packed with snow.

While he was driving around downtown Flagstaff, Baker heard a radio call about a driver driving in the wrong lane, headed in the wrong direction and buried in snow.

"The snow isn't hard to move," Baker said. "It's the people who get stuck which makes their job challenging."

Just like Baker, it was another day at the office for Jeff Wells.

Wells sets up shop outside a Chinese restaurant and sells snow sleds for kids.

He welcomes snow storms because he can make extra money he can take home to his family.

"One day I was out here and I sold $2,000 in sleds in about two hours," Wells said.

Wells may be lucky, because city officials were gearing up for possibly another day of storms on Monday.

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