Northern Arizona University students, community leaders rally against SB1062

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Northern Arizona University students and community activists held a peaceful rally at City Hall in Flagstaff in opposition of SB1062 .

Chelsea Byers, a recent graduate of NAU, and self-proclaimed community activist, helped organize a student-march from NAU's campus to the demonstration at city hall.

Byers said a lot of student groups, including PRISM NAU and NAU Young Democrats participated.

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Kathryn Jin, president of Flagstaff Pride, an LGTBQ-advocate association, said hundreds came out for the rally. Flagstaff Pride said over 1,000 residents stopped by the rally to show their support, according to the group's Facebook page,

Byers said she hopes the rally will create community coalitions and support in opposition of the proposed bill.

Flagstaff Vice Mayor Coral Evans and City Councilwoman Celia Barotz spoke at the rally.

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