Flagstaff teen caught in 'catfish' scam, discovers her image was used in fake cancer profile

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - A 16-year-old Flagstaff girl says she discovered someone had been using her image in a "catfishing" scam; the imposter created a fake profile and claimed to have cancer.

"I was shocked," said Jasmine Horn. "I don't have cancer. I have alopecia."

Horn told ABC15 via Skype that an online friend in New York messaged her about someone else who had copied her Instagram pictures and used them to create the profile.

"I've been fighting cancer for two years and plan on fighting forever and ever," said the user, Allie, who allegedly lives in Chicago.

The bogus profile had more than 2,500 followers and messages of support, Horn said.

Horn, who blogs about her alopecia condition, fired back at the imposter on her YouTube channel Tuesday.

"To this person," she says in the video, "I hope you don't have cancer, I hope you see this video and I hope you take your page down."

It looks like the creator of the profile got the message; the page is no longer online.

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