Coconino County Sheriff's Office connects 18-year-old Winston Gallagher to Valle home burglaries

VALLE, AZ - One resident's game cameras helped sheriff's deputies arrest an 18-year-old Valle, Ariz. resident after a string of burglaries, the Coconino County Sheriff's Office reports.

Over the last six months, around eight different burglaries had taken place in Valle, Ariz., a community located near Williams and the Grand Canyon.

According to officials, during the investigation, one resident who was a victim of burglary placed game cameras around his home in the event that the suspect would commit another burglary.

On Oct. 31, the homeowner reported that his game cameras captured images of the suspect near his home.

The suspect, Winston Taylor Gallagher, was recognized by one of the officers on the case. Gallagher had reportedly been contacted before by the officer.

Gallagher told police information during an investigation in late November that connected him with a burglary. He was charged with residential burglary, possession of stolen property, misdemeanor theft and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

Police later received information about over 20 items that may have been taken by Gallagher during the burglaries.

Police searched two of Gallagher's residences under warrants, uncovering 30 more items.

According to officials, the investigation is still ongoing and anyone in the Valle, Ariz. area should contact Coconino County Sheriff's Office if they have been a victim of burglary.

Any information regarding the burglaries over the past year should call 928-774-4523.

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