Arizona Snowbowl opens ski season

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Skiers and snowboarders, both local and visiting, couldn't hold back their excitement Thursday as they hit the slopes once again on Snowbowl's opening day.

Some were a little bit rusty. "I'm shaking the old cobwebs off and getting back into the skiing and snowboarding stuff," said skiier Chris Temme.

Most people were happy the winter season has arrived. "It's nice to come play in the snow, and it's 80's down there," said skiier Brittany Torgrude.

Snowfall Wednesday night added up to 45 inches at the top of the mountain, and that added up to some pretty nice conditions.

"You got your fresh powder, you got your groomed slopes, I'm just here shredding for the day," said Temme.

A new addition this year is snow-making capabilities that many hope could help prolong the skiing season.

"I am super-stoked about the longevity of the season. I think it's going to help the Flagstaff economy, bring a lot more money to town and make the season longer and bring better value to that pass we shelled out big bucks for," said skiier Ryan Mills.

Snowbowl operators were hoping a long season would leaving lasting smiles and be a boost to the local economy.

"Just a lot of fun out here and we're looking forward to keeping this season going, and hopefully we will have continued snowfall throughout the year, said Snowbowl spokesperson Dave Smith.

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