Bachelor recap: What was it like to date Juan Pablo? Arizona contestant Kat Hurd dishes on show

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - This season of ABC's "The Bachelor" is now over. But, what was it really like to date Juan Pablo Galavis?

We sat down with Valley contestant Kat Hurd, who dishes on what happens behind the scenes, how Juan Pablo hurt her feelings, and the moment she knew things would never work out.

"I decided five days before I was going to go," Hurd remembers.

A last-minute decision turned into a life-changing journey for the Scottsdale "Bachelor" contestant.

With four suitcases and two carry-on bags, Hurd took off from Sky Harbor Airport in the fall of 2013 and landed in the fantasy world of reality TV.

"You do all of your own makeup, all of your own hair, you do bring all of our own clothes," she explains.

But, Juan Pablo was not who she thought he would be.

"I wish I could say differently. He wasn't necessarily as genuine as I'd hoped," she said.

She said it was disappointing because it was obvious Juan Pablo wasn't looking for love, the very thing the show hopes contestants find.

"I don't think he ever used the word 'wife.' I didn't get that forever vibe from him. I got the 'convenient for now' vibe," she said.

And when we asked if she liked him at all, she responded, " Umm. I did at the beginning."

But, the group date in New Zealand poisoned her rosy daydreams.

"Anyone that's going to throw sheep poop at me, I don't know if we're meant to be together," she jokes. That video clip was part of the bloopers during that week's episode.

And when things got serious in South Korea and Kat opened up about her mom's battle with cancer and losing her father five years ago, "he never said, 'It's ok, I'm sorry,' or reached out and put a hand on my shoulder," she remembers. "He wasn't listening."

While the fantasy disappeared, Kat's reality started to blossom.

"I learned so much about myself. You have to kind of explore your feelings in a way you don't have to in real life," she said.

Still, she admits, it was the worst breakup ever.

"I got dumped and had to fly across the ocean home. Definitely not first class," she laughs. "It's like, can I get some champagne please?"

And in this case a glass of champagne may be better than a final rose.

This might not be the end of Kat's Bachelor dreams though. She's currently working to mobilize the rest of the Bachelor contestants to use their celebrity for philanthropy.

Kat used this season of "The Bachelor" to raise more than $10,000 for breast cancer and leukemia research.

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