Water bottle used to link 16-year-old Danny Jackson to Scottsdale rapes

SCOTTSDALE - Court paperwork released Monday about Scottsdale rape suspect Danny Jackson shows how police were able to link the 16-year-old to the case.

Police arrested and charged Jackson in connection with several counts of sexual assault and kidnapping Friday.

Court documents show police had Jackson on their radar after the second attack which happened October 24th.

Jackson allegedly entered the victim's house through an unlocked patio door.

Police brought Jackson in for questioning six days later. He was spotted committing an unrelated crime that happened just minutes after the second attack. Authorities said the crime happened less than a mile away from where the second attack happened.

Court documents state police offered Jackson bottled water during the questioning. They used that bottle to take his DNA and have it tested. That DNA matched forensic evidence collected at both rape scenes.

The documents also state Jackson admitted to police he assaulted both women.

Jackson was also convicted of aggravated assault in 2010 after he beat up a teacher at a Tempe Middle School. The judge gave Jackson a second chance on the condition he never missed a day from school.

Because of the nature of his crimes, a judge denied Jackson's release from jail.

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