Valley woman Tonsa Price-Edwards races after fight for life

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Hundreds of athletes are putting in some extra training hours this week as they prepare for next weekend’s Susan G. Komen “Tri for the Cure Arizona .”

It’s an all-female event raising money for just Arizona.

One athlete has faced many struggles and triumphs as she trains to get across next week’s finish line.

Tonsa Price-Edwards has always been a runner, but added bicycling to her regime as she prepared for the Susan G. Komen “Tri for the Cure” duathlon.

On Saturday one of the things she was working on was to practice stepping out of her running shoes and into her bike clips.

For Price-Edwards, the race is more than a challenge, it’s a personal statement of survival.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. I actually found the lump myself; it felt difference and it was a small hard nodule,” she explained.

Not thinking much about it, because breast cancer didn’t run in her family, Price-Edwards made a doctor’s appointment.

“When their faces get that serious look on them and he referred me to a specialist, that’s when I began to panic,” Price-Edwards said. “Nobody was more surprised than me that I had breast cancer.”

Within weeks she was in surgery, unaware if doctors would be able to save her breasts with a lumpectomy.

Then came the long road of chemo and radiation treatments.

“The whole process is hard. It was really frightening, I’m not going to sugar coat that,” Price-Edwards said.

Frightened, but fearless, she was determined to make her daughter’s wedding.

“It was a magical night. An evening ceremony complete with horse drawn carriage and fireworks,” Price-Edwards said.

Now officially cleared of cancer, Price-Edwards rides, hoping others will be as lucky as she was, saying she wants to see an end to “this insidious disease.”

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