Scottsdale City Council votes to lift ban on ice cream trucks

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Ice cream trucks are no longer banned from Scottsdale neighborhoods.

The Scottsdale City Council voted Tuesday evening to lift a ban stemming from the 1970s that banned ice cream trucks from serving within city limits.

The new law will be known as "Leo's Law," named after the 18-year-old who led the charge to lift the ban.

Leo Blavin began his fight to get the ban lifted when he started running an ice cream truck business with his dad.

"I started it two years ago and my dad and I got licenses to sell in tons of cities, but Scottsdale don't have a license at all," said Blavin.

Scottsdale banned ice cream trucks in the 1970's because of concerns over drug deals and illegal activities going on inside the trucks.

"I understand why they did it then but now it's time for a change. It's so important for kids to have that memory of a ice cream truck with its music going through your neighborhood," said Blavin.

After two years of getting people to sign petitions and working alongside the mayor of Scottsdale, the city council motioned to put the measure to a vote.

People will be able to apply for a license authorizing them to sell ice cream in the next 30 days. Food trucks are still banned.

It's been a long time in the making for Blavin, who's heading off to college in the fall and will have to leave his business behind.

"It's kind of emotional but I sold it to a classmate at Arcadia High School. I know they will take good care of it and sell ice cream in all the neighborhoods I did for the past couple of years," said Blavin.

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