Valley students learn nutrition lesson with school garden

Students at Navajo Elementary School are learning how to be healthy outside the classroom. Just a short walk outside the school's doors you’ll find a large garden. 

This isn’t any ordinary garden, these kids are learning all about some of the trendier leafy greens, like kale and Swiss chard.

The idea behind the garden to is teach kids where their food is grown, and give them a new outlook on those often-feared vegetables. Students frequently walk by the garden to and from lunch and keep an eye on the seeds they planted.

“I saw it a few days ago and it’s grown a lot more and it’s just really cool,” said fourth grader Jack Johnson.

The garden includes dozens of beds, several of them donated by the American Heart Association’s Teaching Gardens Program.

When the time is right, the students will harvest the vegetables and bring them into the classroom for juicing.  Lessons in math, science and especially nutrition are taught through the process. The best part being the payoff, as they all get to share the juice from the vegetables that grew from the very seeds they planted.

The school’s garden has inspired many students to start building a garden at home, teaching these kids more than just gardening techniques, but a lifelong lesson in healthy habits.

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