Scottsdale teen Eric Kim scores perfect score on AP calculus test

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - If you walk around Basis Scottsdale, it's not rare to find a smart student. Newsweek Magazine recently ranked the school as the number three high school in the country.

However, one student has recently stood out from the rest. Eric Kim was one of more than 100,000 students to take the AP Calculus BC exam. The exam involves two sections. The first section involves 45 multiple choice questions. The second is a free response section where students must show their work and explain how they came to their answer.

Eric was one of only 11 in the entire world to receive a perfect score on the entire test.

"I've never even heard of anyone, and I've been teaching for 14 years, that has even got a perfect score," said T.J. Peacher, Eric's calculus teacher as well as AP exam grader.

The test is scored from a 1 to 5. "It's not ever anything that I even mention to the kids. If you get a 75% or higher on the exam that's a five, and that's what I have them shoot for," said Peacher.  "A '5' is equal to an A or A+," explained Peacher.

Eric received a letter in the mail along with the ten others mentioning that they had achieved perfection. The perfect store did come as somewhat of a shock to him, "I kind of just went in and took it but didn't have this goal of getting 100 percent."

Eric is looking to become a math major and possibly physics major in college. He has yet to decide exactly what occupation he wants in the future.

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