How Valley man commutes to work on bicycle in 100+ degrees

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - When temperatures tip 100 degrees, going for a 20-mile bike ride isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But for Patrick Rhodes, he does it every day, twice a day, no matter what the temperature is.

For the past two years, Rhodes has commuted to and from work on his bicycle.

"Dust storms, I'll go home in the rain. That's the thing about commuting is you don't get a choice," said Rhodes.

During the hot summer months, Rhodes waits until 8 p.m. to begin his hour-long trek home. He makes sure to never leave without a number of essentials in his pack.

"I always have all the things I need to fix a bike, some little snacks, and water. Plenty of it," said Rhodes.

Rhodes learned about the importance of water years ago when he ran out of water during a ride, nowhere near home.

"Luckily there was another cyclist who gave me an extra bottle of water. I never let my pride overpower my safety anymore," said Rhodes.

Along with plenty of water, Rhodes never begins a ride home without lights on his helmet and bike. The ride turns from dusk to dark quickly for Rhodes, so he goes out of his way to use streets with no stop lights.

"Waiting at stop lights is how you get killed. Also, if you keep moving and avoid those it keeps you cooler to have the breeze hitting you constantly," said Rhodes.


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