Valley stores packed with last-minute shoppers on Christmas Eve

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Last minute shoppers are running out of time to get Christmas gifts for that special someone.

Many people were just starting to check names off their long lists on Christmas Eve.

"My father, my stepmother, my sister, my brother, my cousins, just about everybody," said one man who was visiting Scottsdale from Barbados.

Some families make it an annual tradition to visit the malls on Christmas Eve.

"We tend to go to the mall and Target on Christmas Eve," said Kristen Foster, who was at Scottsdale Fashion Square mall with her family of five. "We call it ‘Split Up,' and we'll split up into two groups and let the kids pick out gifts for one another."

ABC15 spotted one of Santa's elves, who waited way too long to shop.

"Caffeine," said Waldemar Sam, who was dressed as an elf at the mall from head to toe. "Just try to get everything done in a short amount of time, because I also have to go to Christmas Eve dinner tonight."

From his striped socks to his rosy cheeks, it wasn't hard to spot Sam bouncing from one store to the next.

"I get a lot of attention. People look at me like, ‘Nice elf suit!'"

Impressively, this efficient elf went from zero presents, to almost done with his list in thirty minutes. The mall was busy, but things ran smoothly and lines went quickly.

Although most stores at Scottsdale Fashion Square will be closed on Christmas Day, mall officials say thousands will still walk through the doors to go to the movie theater.

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