Valley gun makers keep an eye on proposed gun control laws

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Guns continue to fly off the shelves across the country after the President made his pitch for new restrictions .

He wants a ban on assault rifles and wants to limit the number of rounds in magazines.

While it might mean big business for gun stores, gun makers in the Valley are worried.

American Spirit Arms is based out of Scottsdale and manufactures so-called assault rifles such as the AR15 and the M16 and sells them to stores across the country.

"The future is definitely up for grabs. Whatever ban is proposed is going to directly effect our business. We employ over 24 employees at our facility. If they actually ban manufacturing it's going to affect a lot of families," said Joe Sirochman, owner of American Spirit Arms.

Because Sirochman does not know what the future holds, his company is no longer taking deposits for new orders.

He said he does not want to deal with refunds if a ban takes place in the near future.

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