Go Daddy commercial: Super Bowl ad for Scottsdale-based company creating buzz

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The Valley-based web domain company "Go Daddy" is known for its steamy ads, but many people are saying one went too far.

Go Daddy calls it the "Perfect Match" .

The ad shows model Bar Refaeli kissing a "geek".

It aired during Sunday night's Super Bowl.

Go Daddy's CEO Blake Irving said the ad was created to "illustrate the point about how powerful a combination 'sexy' and 'smart' are."

The ad sure did create a lot of buzz, immediately.

Many folks turned to popular social media sights like Twitter , YouTube and Facebook to voice their opinions.

The hashtag "thekiss is even trending on Twitter.

Folks used the words inappropriate, gross, nasty and uncomfortable to describe the ad, especially the sound effects.

@Burkettles tweeted "#thekiss commercial was probably the most awkward money during the whole game".

@bcolestock tweeted "the worst part about #the kiss is the sound effects. #Gross".

But Irving said they're not going to apologize, "It's sparking conversations. It was approved by network Standards and Practices...I think it's hilarious!"

Some on Twitter agreed it was funny or at least a smart marketing move.

Go Daddy said it's two Super Bowl ads drove tremendous buzz and business, giving the company it's most successful Super Bowl Sunday ever.

Founder Bob Parsons also addressed the ad controversy via Twitter Monday morning, saying , "USA Today Ad Meter rated Go Daddy's Bar Rafeli Kiss SB ad dead last. Ad broke all sales & traffic records. Love it!"

What do you think of the ad?

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