Boston bombing: Valley amputee gives words of hope to Boston victims

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Valley man knows first hand what it's like to live life as an amputee, just like dozens of victims of the Boston bombings are learning now.

"There were some dark moments," said Steve Renneckar from his home in Scottsdale.

Renneckar lost his legs in a boating accident when he was 22 years old. The boat hit a powe rline pushing 13,000 volts. Both legs were cut off above the knee.

But Renneckar went on to live an exceptional life. 

He finished law school, had a family, made it to the top of pyramids in Mexico, the Eiffel Tower, and last year climbed Piestewa Peak with a little help from some friends. In short, lived a life that will stand up to anyone. 

"You can do anything if you have the right attitude," Renneckar said.

He also said technology is so much better than when he got his first replacement legs that were made of wood and weighed 13 pounds each. Now we see Olympic athletes with replacement legs.

But it was the support of other amputees that got him through the tough times in the beginning. The same support victims in Boston will need in the difficult days ahead.

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