UFO conference heads to Valley this week

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Whether it's the infamous "Phoenix Lights" or other unexplained sightings in our skies, we're about to hear a lot more about our possible alien visitors.

The "International UFO Congress" starts this week and for the first time it's happening here in the Valley.

The annual conference starts up at the Fort McDowell Resort and Casino on Wednesday, and even you skeptics are being dared to check it out.

"This phenomena is taken much more seriously by the military than you typically see in the media and there are much more credible people who have these experiences," said conference organizer Alejandro Rojas.

Those military personnel are among more than 20 speakers who will talk about everything from possible government cover-ups to alien abductees.

To learn more about the four-day UFO Congress, visit ufocongress.com .

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