Track crimes in your neighborhood: Website lets you search crimes near you

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A website used by police and cities to keep track of crimes can be very useful for vigilant Valley citizens.

The city of Scottsdale delivers its crime statistics to a website called Raids Online . The tool plots the location of specific crimes on a map and is searchable by address.

Each marked crime location lists information on the date, time, address, and classification of the incident.

Raids Online allows users to enter their address, or another address of their choosing, and see all of the crimes in their area within specific time frames.

Most users can find some pretty startling criminal information in their own neighborhoods if they dig deep enough.

The site comes as an especially useful tool for Scottsdale residents still on high alert after two rapes.

Scottsdale police on Friday announced a huge break in the case after a 16-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the attacks .

A man who earlier turned himself in was exonerated by DNA evidence.

Police have since stationed undercover officers in the area and have increased patrols of marked units.

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