Spring Training 2014 preview: Businesses compete for spring training visitors

For the Arizona Diamondbacks Friday is the first day of Spring Training workouts, but there's a much bigger competition heating up in the Valley over spring training business.

Hotels, restaurants, and even sports memorabilia stores are all vying for a part of the estimated $632 million baseball brings to the Valley.

Brian Marcy has bought and sold baseball cards out of his home for 26 years. This year, he's opening a new store in Scottsdale. It's not ready yet and Marcy says he's in a desperate rush to make sure it's ready by the time the first big group of fans arrive.

"The store is my number one priority right now. We are still about two weeks away from opening," said Marcy.

To try and attract fans, many local businesses are offering special Spring Training deals.

One of those is at the Scottsdale Plaza resort where they're offering a Spring Training package.

Manager Travis Giles said the deal includes a discounted room rate, snacks, drinks, and transportation to the ballpark.

"There's not a lot of hotels that offer transportation so this is a big incentive to our customers," said Giles.

Businesses said spring training comes at a crucial time for the Valley.

Giles said the first quarter of the year is the most popular and profitable time for Valley hotels.

The influx of visitors is also the reason Marcy says he's in such a rush to get his new store open.

"Because by May, June, July everybody is gone, they're out of town on vacation. My profits will be drop by nearly 70 percent," said Marcy.

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