Soldier Jennifer Patzke surprises Mom Teri Shelton with surprise return home

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - It was supposed to be just another business luncheon, kicked off with a few achievement awards.

Teri Shelton was there to accept an award in her daughter's honor, but was in for a big surprise.

Jennifer Patzke surprised her mom, showing up at the luncheon in person.

The Communication Specialist is home for two weeks from a tour with the army in southwest Asia.

Mom was thrilled. "I had no idea. I had no idea. I don't know who knew about it. I am shocked," Shelton said.

Patzke has been planning the surprise for months with family friends.

"It went awesome. It went awesome. I totally expected Teri to break down and start screaming, and it worked," Dawn Wilson said.

Pattzke said it was a great surprise and is happy to be home. "Just spending time with family now. Spending time with friends," she said.

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