Small plane makes belly landing in Scottsdale (VIDEO)

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Air15 captured video of a small plane making an emergency landing Thursday afternoon in Scottsdale.

The pilot, Galen Flinn, 69, was seen safely belly landing his plane without landing gear around 12:30 p.m.

It happened at Scottsdale Municipal Airport near Hayden Road and Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard.

Flinn told ABC15 his landing gear was jammed and he had no other choice.

"I told [the tower] I'd like to land because I can't stay up here forever," he said.

As he descended, Flinn said he thought about his wife. He told the air traffic control tower that if he didn't make it, "tell my wife I love her."

Flinn did successfully land the plane without any injury to himself, the only person on board.

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