Scottsdale to settle police shooting lawsuit for $4.25M

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The Scottsdale City Council voted Tuesday night to a tentative settlement of $4.25 million in a federal lawsuit over the fatal shooting of an unarmed man by Scottsdale police.

The lawsuit alleges that Scottsdale fails to adequately investigate police shootings and promotes the use of force because of a "tolerant environment."

The suit was filed on behalf of the family of John Loxas who was shot and killed by an officer in February of 2012.

Loxas was walking in the area of Hayden and McKellips holding his 9-month-old grandson and threatening neighbors with a handgun.

According to police, the first responding officer found Loxas outside his home and ordered him to step away from the house. Loxas reportedly ignored the officer's commands to step away and ran back inside the house.

After several calls for Loxas to exit the home, he opened the door with the baby in his left hand, and stood just inside the doorway. Officers then saw Loxas reach down to his right, lowering the baby and exposing his head and upper body.

Officer James Peters then responded to the movement with a single shot to Loxas' head.

Loxas was killed instantly. The infant was unharmed and did not require hospitalization.

Scottsdale police said after searching Loxas' home, they located a handgun hidden in the couch and within his reach.
After the Loxas incident, Peters was granted disability retirement.




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