Arizona Gives Day: Scottsdale STARS shine bright

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Wednesday is your chance to give back during Arizona Gives Day as our state aims to raise funds for as many nonprofits as possible in 24 hours.

One nonprofit that could use your help is Scottsdale STARS .

Staying busy, wrapping up loose power cords, Rebecca Abele and her friends have only good things to say about their time at Scottsdale STARS.

"I enjoy it here, we all do," said Abele.

The group is working on cleaning used cables and remote controls for Cox Cable.

"I never knew Cox had so many remote controls," Abele said.

S-T-A-R-S stands for Scottsdale Training and Rehabilitation Services. It's a place for exceptional adults to find work and have a good time.

"We provide programs and work opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities," the group's president, Virginia Korte said.

Now in its 40th year, STARS participants enjoy arts classes, cooking classes, and learn to take on new responsibilities.

"I like coming here because I have great people here and I am glad about coming here. I like coming here I learned how to write, be on a computer," Joselle Perez said.

In recent years, federal and state funding has dropped off. They are relying now more than ever on private donations.

"We need to raise money. We need support from the community to provide those enhanced programs to these individuals to which they deserve so much," Korte said.



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