Scottsdale Police Officer Patrick Hinsberg honored for saving burning man

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - In early March, Rena Johnson and her husband Hartley were involved in a horrible car crash on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard. Their small pickup truck rolled, hit a tree and burst into flames.

"I was ejected, and he stayed in the truck, and I guess it started on fire," Rena said.

She suffered deep cuts to her face, but was thrown clear of the wreckage. Hartley wasn't as fortunate.

"I remember hearing him screaming. If I remember anything from the scene, I remember his scream," Rena said.

Hartley was pinned inside the burning vehicle. Luckily, someone was there to help.

"Officer Patrick Hinsberg pulled me out, and put out the rest of the fire that was on me," he said.

The Scottsdale officer was among the first to arrive on scene. He wasted no time pulling Johnson from the wreckage.

On Wednesday he was honored for his bravery.

"In grateful recognition of Scottsdale Police Officer Patrick Hinsberg for his heroism on March 5, 2013."

"I appreciate the honor. This is a true honor that the hospital did for me here," Hinsberg said.

Hartley had to have both legs amputated below the knee, but he is alive, and hopes to walk again. The couple are grateful for Hinsberg's strength and courage.

"If he would have been in there for just a few more moments, he probably would not be with us today," Rena said.

"Without Patrick Hinsberg, I would have burned to death," Hartley said.

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