Scottsdale PD: Beware of phone scam demanding money for phony fines

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Scottsdale police are warning residents of a phone scam in which the caller pretends to be an officer and then demands money.

Residents are receiving phone calls from individuals impersonating a Scottsdale police officer or a court officer and demanding a fine be paid for a warrant, photo-radar ticket or other court matter, police said.

The scammers are asking the intended victims to purchase a “Green-dot” card or other financial tool and to give the card number or other financial information to make payment for the phony fine, police said.

According to the Scottsdale Police Department, police or court officers will never contact citizens asking for payment.

If you have any information on the crime or to report a similar scam attempt, contact the police department at 480-312-5000.  

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