Scottsdale man suffers from silent heart attack

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Tim Robertson and his fiancé Laura Fial stayed up one night to watch some recorded television shows. The topic of one medical talk show was the "widow maker" or "silent heart attack." Tim had no idea that watching this one show potentially saved his life.

After going to bed restless that night, Tim woke up out of a dead sleep. "I felt tightness across my chest. I sat at the edge of the bed, walked around a little bit, then got a drink of water," Tim said.

55-year-old Tim's initial reaction was the sleep it off. However, his worried fiancé took initiative with the "widow maker" fresh on her mind. Laura drove Tim to Scottsdale Healthcare Medical Center where Tim walked in under his own power.

After some basic tests were run, doctors noticed something was extremely wrong. They proceeded to put four stents into Tim's arteries that were almost completely clogged.

"What the doctor told Laura in the waiting room is that I had a widow maker which is a silent heart attack, which is the type of thing that will just take you in your sleep," Tim explained.

After a successful procedure, Tim is now taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle including exercising more and eating better.

"I can't put myself in that position of denial or else I'll be looking at the grass from the root side instead of the fuzzy green side," said Robertson.

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