Scottsdale FD: Mom finds 8-year-old underwater in tub; victim is 'awake and breathing'

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A mother found her 8-year-old daughter underwater in a bathtub Sunday afternoon.

Captain Danny Ables of the Scottsdale Fire Department said CPR was started as soon as the 8-year-old girl was pulled from the tub.

The victim's grandmother told ABC15 the 8-year-old's older sister was the one who performed CPR.

Lynn said she doesn't know where the 11-year-old learned to do the procedure.

Ables said the girl was "awake and breathing" and was transported to Scottsdale Shea pediatric department.

Lynn said the 8-year-old is going through a number of tests and is doing fine.

Scottsdale fire wants to remind everyone to not leave children around water unattended. They also encourage everyone to get certified in CPR.

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