Scottsdale condominium owner with no insurance loses nearly everything in fire

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A Scottsdale woman tried to save money by canceling her insurance and ended up losing nearly everything to a fire a week before moving.

Christina Jennings, a cashier and student, walked through her charred condo Tuesday near 68th Street and Osborn.

"I guess I have to start over," she said.

Most of her belongings were burned in the fire or blackened by smoke. It happened Thursday evening while she was at work.

On Friday, firefighters still weren't sure what caused the incident. Jennings said it could've been a candle or an electrical problem.

Her dog and cat were the only ones inside, and they were able to escape through a doggy door.

Firefighters rescued the dog from the balcony. A neighbor found her cat.

It's a silver lining to a series of bad events. Jennings said she was in the process of foreclosing on her condo.  She was packed and ready to move in a week. 

I canceled my homeowner's insurance six weeks ago, she said.

"It's surreal," she said. "How could this happen?"

Jennings said she'll have to talk with the bank to figure out her next step.

The fire caused damage in two other units.

The condo below had water damage. The homeowner estimated there was thousands of dollars worth of damage. He said he also did not have insurance.

Scottsdale fire crews said the unit next door had some smoke damage. 

Jennings said she's grateful. "(It's all) replaceable," she said. 

She offered this advice: "Have insurance."

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